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Our objective is to provide expert business and project solutions to Government, private sector and non-governmental organisations.

It is a fact that the wealth of a nation is a total sum of wealth of its citizens. Malawi is ranked as the poorest country in the world and for Malawi to improve, its necessary that the citizens should generate wealth. As an organisation, we believe that every single person has got the capability to generate wealth and create employment for themselves as well as others. Through our many seminars on wealth management, wealth creation, personal finance (etc), we provide our clients with real life experiences that give a unique perspective into what it actually takes to become successful, how to go about creating wealth from little to nothing and how to manage the money you have in order for it to make one more money and grow.

The job market is shrinking and the sure way to create jobs and wealth is for small entrepreneurs to grow to create meaningful economic activity and create jobs and wealth. The challenge that has stifled the growth of entrepreneurs is lack of mentorship and capital. A survey that was conducted by FinScope in 2019 indicated that over 80% of Micro Small Enterprises (SMEs) start their business using savings, salaries, selling assets or borrowing from family and friends. Only 10% are able to access to formal credit from other channels.

This is why The Bulls program was created by Sycamore Consult in order to bridge the gap that most SMEs are stuck in in terms of access to financing.


This program is going to work in four stages.

1. Prepare your Proposal/Business Plan.

2. Submit your Proposal/Business Plan.

3. We will review your proposal and if need be, you’ll be asked to make necessary changes.

4. Bankable/Investable proposals/business plans will be able to participate in the pitching day.


We are looking for determined individuals who have got a business idea or an existing business that needs some help to get off the ground. We have a group of eager investors ready to finance your idea granted that it’s bankable/investable.