Personal finance is the financial management of individual or family resources in terms of earning an income, budgeting, spending, saving, investing monetary resources over the life time of an individual in order to earn a day to day living and to achieve long term objectives taking into account financial risks and future life events.

In spite of the importance of Personal Finance literacy, personal finance is not taken as an important subject to be taught in most ordinary schools. Instead they dedicate a lot of time in imparting skills of corporate finance preparing students to manage the finances of their corporate employers and yet none or very little skill is imparted on how they should manage their own personal finances.

The challenges of failing to manage personal finances are not just experienced by non-finance people or non-educated people. There are a lot of educated, well qualified, very experienced professionals exceptionally good at managing the finances of their corporates when you look at the personal finances things are in a mess. They fail to extend that same level of effort, professionalism and dedication to management of their own personal finances. This course aims to share skills of how one can create wealth, guard it and successfully manage Personal Finances.


1. Personal Finance Literacy

i. Understanding the Personal finance literacy and financial planning process  ii. Developing a Personal strategic plan  iii. Developing personal financial statements and plans  iv. Supplementing your Income  v. Tracking your expenses vi. How to save- stretching your money

2. Debt

vii. Understanding Debt viii. How to avoid the Debt Trap ix. When can one borrow? x. Factors to consider before borrowing xi. What to do when your debts are just too much xii. Debt repayment strategy xiii. Debt should not a life style xiv. Wise up on interest rates! its a numbers game xv. How to get out of debt quicker

3. The Saving Discipline

xvi. How to plan for savings xvii. How to save when you do not have alot of money xviii. The early bird catches the fly xix. Avoid skipping your savings xx. Money magnet- Getting the most out of your savings

4. Investment

xxi. How to invest-Be wise xxii. Patience xxiii. Investment products xxiv. Portfolio Diversification xxv. Investment Portfolio Construction xxvi. A simple guide for selection xxvii. Investing in Shares/Stocks xxviii. Investing in Real Estate xxix. Investing in Mutual funds / Unit Trusts xxx. Investing in Bonds xxxi. Grow into something big

5. Planning For Retirement

xxxii. Facts about retirement xxxiii. Why are people scared of retirement? xxxiv. The drama xxxv. Painful reality xxxvi. Retirement plan xxxvii. Long term planning xxxviii. Medium term planning xxxix. Short term planning xl. Retire Early

6. Enjoy your money

xli. Balance xlii. Rest xliii. Family Holiday xliv. Exercise xlv. Eating out

7. How to get rich

xlvi. Study the life of rich people xlvii. Grow your wealth xlviii. Honesty xlix. Giving

8. prepare for death

50. Prepare your Will 51. Set up a Trust 52. Protect our family from the pangs of debt 53. Life insurance

Training period

This is 2 day training programme but it can be done in segments series to accommodate the client’s time preference


Training can be done at clients premises or any place of the clients preference. The client is expected to make arrangements for venue. Consultants team will make their own logistics arrangements.

The approach used is a combination of course material presentation, exercises, case studies and discussions.

*A minimum number of participants is 10 participants.

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