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Personal Finance

2019 Course Outline

Personal finance is the financial management of individual or family resources in terms of earning an income, budgeting, spending, saving, investing monetary resources over the life time of an individual in order to earn a day to day living and to achieve long term objectives taking into account financial risks and future life events...

Disruptive Innovation and Disruptive Technologies

Overview 2019 Course Outline

This training class gives participants the opportunity to stay ahead of the latest Trends in managing change and responding to market dynamic challenges. It will provide a better understanding of the different Innovation Approaches, focus on how to Enable Disruptive Innovation, and provide insights into various Disruptive Innovation Practices...........

Governance , Risk & Compliance in the Public Sector ( GRC )

2019 Course Outline

This training class provides participants with a detailed understanding of the GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) Perspective for the Public Sector. It covers the Governance Framework at both the Board level (the Board Governance Framework) as well as the Executive management levels (the Assurance and Control Governance framework) It also addresses Effective Organizational Compliance Management and discusses in details all aspects of the Risk Management vital process and its evolution into the implementation of an Integrated Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) framework...

High Performance Board ( HPB )

2019 Course Outline

This training class provides participants with the professional knowledge, tools and frameworks to boost Board’s performance. The goal of this program is to examine all issues impacting the Board Performance and the Effectiveness of its strategic operations. It will discuss in details all aspects related to the functional roles as well as the duties and responsibilities of the different Board players It will also emphasize the importance of the Boardroom dynamics and the vital impact of the Board and company Leadership in setting a positive Culture.


2019 Course Outline

8:00 Registration
8:30 Introductions
8:45 Opening Remarks by …….
9:00 Management consulting process and practice: definition and overview
9:30 Overview of the consulting market in Malawi
10:00 Tea Break
10:15 Marketing your consultancy services or firm
11:00 Responding to Requests for Proposals (RFPs)
12:00 Lunch Break
13:00 Developing a winning /responsive proposal: Technical and financial proposals o Understanding of the Terms of Reference o Approach and Methodology o Firms Relevant Experience o Assembling a Winning Project Team o Project workplan/Gant Chart o Project Costing
15:00 Tea Break
15:30 Developing a winning /responsive proposal: Technical and financial proposals
16:30 Recap....

Public Policy Class ( PPC )

2019 Course Outline

This training course introduces the Fundamentals of Public Policy being the main instrument to respond to diverse public problems which appear to be increasing in quantity and complexity. It provides a general overview of the three main aspects of Public Policy:

• Examining the basic concepts of this term to better understand WHY Governments do what they do.
• Introducing the various approaches to policy making thus having a better understanding of WHAT Governments do.
• Discussing the stages of the policy-making cycle, and policy implementation steps and HOW Governments do what they do....

Risk Management Class ( RMC )

2019 Course Outline

This training course is intended to introduce the fundamentals of Risk Management being a systematic core built-in function in all types of organizations. It provides a general overview of all aspects of Risk Management starting from the definition of the term and going through the building blocks of the total Integrated Enterprise Risk Management model (ERM ) together with its related Risk Governance arrangements. It will also allow a better understanding and clarity on the functional structures, roles and responsibilities required to be put in place to ensure an effective Risk Management Implementation enterprise wide.

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