High Performance Board ( HPB )


This training class provides participants with the professional knowledge, tools and frameworks to boost Board’s performance.

The goal of this program is to examine all issues impacting the Board Performance and the Effectiveness of its strategic operations.

It will discuss in details all aspects related to the functional roles as well as the duties and responsibilities of the different Board players

It will also emphasize the importance of the Boardroom dynamics and the vital impact of the Board and company Leadership in setting a positive Culture.    

It will also address the importance of having a regular Evaluation for the Board performance with an aim to detect areas for Improvements and implement changes necessary to become more Effective.

Who Should Attend

Designed for all participants at the Boardroom, namely:

  • Chairs, Committee Chairs
  • Board Members, Committee Members
  • Board Secretaries
  • CEOs, Executive Directors and Senior Management
  • Officers in charge of the Governance framework within the organization. 

The Course Outline will Cover                    

Day One

Board Roles, Duties and Responsibilities

  • Board positioning within the Power hierarchy
  • Roles , Duties and Responsibilities of a Board
  • The Strategic Planning Role of a Board
  • Board Involvement Models
  • Board Composition , Formal Offices
  • Board Composition , Optional Offices


Day Two

Board Structure and Operations

  • Board Structure
  • Board Instruments and Tools
  • Board Meetings
  • The Governance Challenge
  • Board Governance Framework


Day Three

Board Effectiveness Challenges

  • The Board Effectiveness Framework
  • Clarity of Board’s Role vis a vis Management and other Stakeholders
  • Factors influencing the Board’s Ability to Carry out its Roles and Responsibilities
  • Formal Structure and Operating Procedures of the Board
  • Impact of Informal Board’s “Culture”
  • Influence of Leadership of  the Board and the Organization                 

Day Four

Board Evaluation

  • Board Effectiveness Pillars
  • Board Failure
  • Board Evaluation
  • Board Evaluation Approaches
  • Board Evaluation Framework
  • Closing