Financial Independence & Retirement Planning

  • Duration 8h
  • Last Update 4th December 2020


At Sycamore Consult, we hold these illuminous seminars to provide professional information to our clients on specific topics such retirement planning, challenges of retirement, tips to consider for a happy retirement, dos and don’ts during retirement and investment management for retirement just to mention a few topics.

The objective of this seminar is to equip your staff to accomplish financial independence and create wealth that will help them live a comfortable life especially when they retire.

What Will I Learn?

  • Help employees understand the retirement concept and what they are entitled to after retirement.
  • Help them plan better and take the task as their own priority and not their employees’ responsibility.
  • Help them take charge of their retirement time than to be told by the employer.
  • Show them saving and investment options that can boast their retirement cash flow.
  • Help them with activities to do after retirement to improve their quality of life.
  • To motivate them to look forward to retirement and not to fear it.

Topics for this course

21 Lessons8h

The retirement planning formula

1. Scared or Happy?
2. The Architect – Take charge
3. Key Facts about retirement you need to know
4. Planning your retirement: The best time to retire?
5. When to start planning
6. Types of retirement plans

Creating financial independence key to retirement planning

Securing the future through present informed financial decisions

Securing your tomorrow with Insurance policies


Target Audience

  • Employees at all levels