Entrepreneurship Training

  • Duration 8h
  • Last Update 20th November 2020


We as a company have always been advocates for individuals accomplishing financial independence and wealth creation. Due to the times we are living in, there have been countless amounts of individuals who have unfortunately lost their jobs. Many of which depended on their employment as their only source of income. This conference is an extremely fruitful investment for the individuals who attend.

This course will be shining a light on the challenging reality that is being an entrepreneur. We have gathered some of the greatest and brightest minds to speak on their experiences as well as on how they overcame the mountains on their journey to entrepreneurial success.

What Will I Learn?

  • Learning skills and interacting with highly respected and experienced experts.

Topics for this course

7 Lessons8h

Radical Entrepreneurship

Dumisani’s Presentation 100:42:01
Dumisani’s Presentation 200:45:28

Entrepreneurship, Beyond Malawi’s Borders

Wealth Creation

Go Big or Go Home

The journey of intrapreneurship



  • Internet Access

Target Audience

  • Employees and Entrepreneurs at all levels